Once upon a time…

It all started with yet another weekend bike trip in Groningen. We started in the old village of Ezinge, some eighteen kilometers from the nicest city center in the Netherlands: Groningen. In 2020 Winsum was proclaimed as the nicest village within reach at nine bike kilometers.


We were enchanted by the house with a “for sale” sign that stood at the beginning of our route. That ride through the Reitdiepdale and the Hoogeland was unforgettable.

Now we smile when we see our guests departing from this same spot for their bicycle tours. And we love when they discover that the Martinitoren really is the highest point in the province, and to hear them praise the calm that the local people radiate. We do our best to make your stay enjoyable and sustainable, with bonuses including green energy from solar panels and heat pump; no natural gas needed.
But most importantly, you will sleep in a comfortable bed, with a private bathroom. Your stay is basically on a self-catering basis. You can prepare your own meal. On request and for an additional charge, we provide breakfast, with organic goodies from our own garden and region.dings whenever possible. The region is worth a visit in all seasons, for a short or longer stay in our bed & breakfast.