Climb the ancient dwelling mound (“wierden”) and have a peek at the beautiful 12th century church.

Afterwards you can visit the Wierdenland Museum and see how wierden and dikes have been erected and excavated over the past 2600 years, and what kinds of traces they’ve left in today’s landscape.

In Ezinge, you are welcome at the Leistra bakery, the Ubels supermarket with post office, the Knip Style hair salon, and the Molenheem garage.

You can enjoy a fine meal at restaurant De Brug. All within walking distance.

Have a wander by the Veldman gold smithery, or visit Morels gallery filled with antique and curiosities..

There is more to do here: you can meditate, have a personal training, enjoy a pedicure, visit a physiotherapist, doctor or pharmacy, and the local midwife (always handy!)

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Ezinge: between marshlands and city