Between marshlands and city

Visit a museum or gallery, or dream the afternoon away in a sculpture garden.

Enjoy a sailor’s bar, or a gourmet restaurant.

Take a tour of sustainable local projects and discover the tastes of the region.

Stand still for a few minutes by the locks in Aduarderzijl.

Feel the wind in your hair during a daytrip to Schiermonnikoog.

Enjoy the best city center in the Netherlands.

Wierdenland Museum, Ezinge

Sculpture Garden, Feerwerd

The Tea Company, Houwerzijl

Seal Sanctuary, Pieterburen

Tidal Flats Walking Center, Pieterburen

Going out in Groningen

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Quiet dwelling mounds & impressive estate houses

Get to know one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Europe.

Identify the former Middag and Humsterland islands, formed ages ago when the marshes washed away.

Let yourself be surprised by the Reitdiep, with its meandering dikes.

Catch sight of the marshlands and crooked creeks.

Climb up “wierden” (ancient dwelling mounds) with names like Oostum, Ezinge, Niehove, Saaksum, Feerwerd, Garnwerd and Dorkwerd.

Visit the remaining wierden villages, and enjoy their quiet old churches and farms and impressive estate houses. Lose yourself in the expansive views of the city and surroundings.

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Estate houses in Groningen



Between marshlands and city

The isle of Schiermonnikoog

Take a day trip to Schier.

You can choose to walk through marshlands and dunes, along the beach, through the village, or along the dike.

It’s easier to get around if you bring or rent a bicycle.

Have a cup of coffee or sandwich in the elegant old restaurant in hotel Van De Werff, or in another local eatery.

Visit the shell museum, or cheese farm Florida.

A ferry to Schiermonikoog departs from Lauwersoog 3 to 5 times per day. You step onto the island after a boat ride of 45 minutes.

Lauwersoog is just a 30 minute drive from Ezinge, and you can park the car in the garage next to the boat terminal.

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Information about boat departure times.

Information from the local tourist office.

City of Groningen

The lively city of Groningen is no more than 15 km away from van Ezinge.

Explore the historic warehouses, churches, courts and buildings.

Visit its musea and be surprised about the innovative architecture.

And understand why it was once proclaimed as best city centre in the Netherlands!

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